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Wing Sum Diana
With her company and projects, the Asian-Australian Bodypainting artist/model Wing Sum Diana Chan didn’t just enter the stages of international competitions.

She also manages to touch the hearts of quite a few of her spectators. Bodypainting is her life. Travellers, who start the journey into her fascinating world of colours, will understand that quickly.

Her company is called SumBodyArt. Diana’s mission: “Spreading the message of love and hope through art.“ She shows in a creative way, that bodypainting can be more than a passion, but also a profession and way of life. Live-performances at festivals, exhibitions and clubs as well as private art healing sessions in SumBodyArt’s Studio are part of her work – as well as videos on her YouTube channel SumBodyArtLive. In her videos, you can see her in action, combining all things that she loves. Among other things, Diana created her first European Bodypainting exhibition in December 2016 in Hamburg/Germany.

Diana (SumBodyArt) is a proud sponsored Artist with Diamond FX for the last 3 years and she loves the DFX’s range of UV colours the most, DFX’s colours are bold, vibrant and versatile, they can inspire so many creative possibilities, and Team SumBodyArt is thankful for this awesome loving partnership and support we share with DFX.
You can follow the SumBodyArt Journey here:

YouTube Channel- SumBodyArtLive:
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Tumblr: http://sumbodyart.tumblr.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/SumBodyArt