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Diamond FX palette - large

You will receive a discount when the layer is fully filled.

DiamondFX Large Case
10% case discount

Our boxes are made from durable plastics which are made in Canada. We care about the products that they carry so each case is carefully measured with the chosen layers. Thanks to that care we can give you a case that’s durable, shock resistant and lightweight.his case works with layers, every layer can hold its own fillings. We have 4 layers, 2 for single cakes and 2 for split cakes, big and small. Make your choice on the next screen, we’ll guide you right through it.

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Bodypaintshop.com is a product of Diamond FX. We offer a wide range of products and have large stock quantities. Diamond FX is known for fast order picking and shipment.

International shipping

We ship orders from The Netherlands to many countries worldwide. When your order is received, we aim to ship within 1 or 2 business days. 


High quality products

Diamond FX offers high quality face and body paints, makeup and professional tools for beginners and professionals. Diamond FX is well known for rich pigmentation, perfect blending properties and long-lasting coverage.