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    Palette 12 colors Neon/ Metallic (12x10g)

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    Palette 12 colors Neon/ Metallic (12x10g)

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    Product info

    This palette contains the colors Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Pink, Metallic Green, Metallic Blue, Metallic Purple, Neon Magenta, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Blue and Neon Purple*. This palette is refillable with our 10 gram cakes.

    Diamond FX Neon Metallic Palette contains strongly pigmented wax-based, water activated paint. Our metallic paints provide a superb, opaque coverage that adds a metallic shine to your designs. At first sight our Neon paints seem to have less coverage. They are however incredibly bright under blacklight. The paints last all day without cracking or fading and can easily be painted over other colors, without losing its brightness.

    Diamond FX Metallic and Neon face and body paint

    The Diamond FX Metallic collection is hypoallergenic and formulated with EEC and FDA compliant cosmetic ingredients. 

    The Diamond FX Neon collection contains paints that are not approved for cosmetic use. Their neon pigments have not been tested by the FDA. They are therefore labeled for use on hair and special effects only.

    The Diamond FX Neon Cosmetic collection is suitable for cosmetic use and is available in the colors blue, purple and white. These cosmetic neon paints are a little less bright in blacklight. Would you like this variant in your palette? Build your own palette with our Palette Builder.

    We do not recommend mixing our products with other brands. This might cause reactions unfavorable for your skin.

    Tips and tricks

    Stay on top of hygiene and keep your cakes and tools dry and clean. Don’t use hydrating products before you paint your skin. We recommend activating our paint with a wet brush or damp sponge. Don’t leave excess water in your cakes. Remove the paints from the skin with mild soap and cold to lukewarm water.

    View our FAQ for more information about our products and skin safety.

    * Product pictures are taken in a professional set up with daylight lamps. Furthermore, the product's colors are not modified in any way. Still, the colors of the depicted products might deviate slightly from reality.

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    Diamond FX offers high quality face and body paints, makeup and professional tools for beginners and professionals. Diamond FX is well known for rich pigmentation, perfect blending properties and long-lasting coverage. 

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